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Who We Are

About Carmichael Academy Family Taekwondo in Carmichael, CA

Jonathan Peschke

Owner and Chief Instructor at Carmichael Academy Family Taekwondo in Carmichael, 6th Degree Black Belt

At Carmichael Academy - Family Taekwondo we believe that families grow strong together.

Whether you're on your own, looking for a hot spot to make new friends and learn amazing self-defense moves, or you're a family in need of some quality time while getting physically fit - we have classes that will help you reach your goals while having a blast!

Our robust class offerings are perfect for adults and teens training on their own, kids getting into martial arts, and families that want to train together. Ultimately, your new friends in class will become like your family.

You'll grow and learn together, encourage each other, and make life-long connections both in and outside of class. Taekwondo is just as much about what happens inside class as it is what happens outside as well.

Kids tend to be more respectful in school and are eager to do chores at home since they learn about discipline, focus, and respect in class. Even adults claim their focus is better at work and they feel more confident when approaching an issue or difficult task.

All experience levels are welcome. Classes are full of high fives AND high kicks as you get flexible, improve hand to eye coordination, and feel a huge boost in confidence. The environment is positive and focused on you.

Plus...our students don't try to outdo each other. We don't have "showoffs" and there is never any military style yelling or belittling someone in class to make a point. Respect, camaraderie, and preserving the honor and values of taekwondo are of the utmost importance to us.

Did you know that taekwondo means "the way of the foot and fist"? Tae means "to destroy with the feet", Kwon is "to strike" and Do is "way". It's also a martial art and combat sport with a rich history and Olympic level athletes.

Experience ancient traditions with a modern flare. In our classes, we'll introduce you to the legendary Taekwondo culture (you may even learn how to count in Korean!) and help you as you strike, block, defend, and attack through our unique Taekwondo training. Rooted in Korean tradition, but, updated with modern teaching techniques - we strive to give you the best possible training available to suit your needs.

Caring Instructors Guide Your Training. Have you heard of a dojo? Well, in taekwondo we train in a "Dojang" and use a belt ranking system with different color belts for each level. Six different colors to be exact! You'll progress through the ranks based on your own merits. We don't compare students to each other eaither; you compete against your own personal best to advance and our instructors cheer you on the entire time!

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life. Not into competition or combat sports? That's ok too! Taekwondo is a great way to get physically fit no matter what your starting level is. Martial artists are typically in phenomenal shape since they have to use their body to protect themselves and loved ones.

Some basic conditioning you'll become familiar with might include advanced stretching, high intensity interval training cardio drills, punching drills to get lean & toned arms, and lots of kicks!

With taekwondo the injury rate is much lower than other martial arts such as mixed martial arts or even karate. Super powerful, high kicks are the signature trait of the sport, so we make sure you are warmed up, stretched, and ready for action before each and every class to avoid injury. We want you to have fun and come back to class after all!

You'll learn to move your body in a whole new way as you tone up and shed any unwanted weight as well. Classes are always upbeat and positive, leaving you sweaty but eager to do it all over again!

It's estimated that over 70 million people in 188 countries practice Taekwondo. Many of which are Black Belts! Actors such as Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, and even Jackie Chan have practiced the sport. We can't wait to add your name to the illustrious list of superstars too.

Stop by today to take a tour of the facility and meet our Master Instructors. We can't wait to train with you and help your family get stronger, together!

Mr. Jonathan Peschke is a Master Instructor, is ranked as a 6th Degree Black Belt, and has been teaching for over 23 years.

Ms. Taren Ogata is a Master Instructor, is ranked a 6th Degree Black Belt, and has been teaching for over 15 years.

How to Get Started

Come join our Carmichael, CA Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Birthday Parties, Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, and Fitness Kickboxing. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (916) 979-9155 if you have any further questions. Carmichael Academy Family Taekwondo hopes to speak with you soon!